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Help excluding non-constituents with inclusion/exclusion query?

My volunteers and I have resolved all our constituent duplicates (16,000 merges later!) and we are starting on non-constituents. BUT I still want to keep on top of newly created constituent duplicates as first priority.

Without having to change the include non-constituent setting and rescanning the whole database every time is there a way to exclude non-constituents using the filters? I have tried excluding records with a constituent ID from both the inclusion and exclusions queries but this has not made any difference. I have the same question about excluding non-constituents who are part of a spouse relationship - excluding spouse name not blank does not work.

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Hi Catherine,


We created a query for new records with gifts added since (last month) to keep up to date with our merges, means MOM just scans the query of added records with gifts, rather than the entire database 




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