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MergeOmatic version *Updated 11/8*

MergeOmatic version is now available.  This version contains changes to the parsing service in order to be compatible with changes made to IOM.  

For IOM users:

If you are using ImportOmatic version or higher, you must install version or higher of MergeOmatic.

If you are using an older version of ImportOmatic, do not install the MergeOmatic update until you also update IOM.

Revision History: Version, November 8, 2016

Added sign up form for activating the trial subscription

Updated to Microsoft .Net framework v4.6 to ensure ongoing compatibility with Blackbaud Hosting

Revision History: Version, August 5, 2016

Fixed issue with selecting records for scanning in certain environments


Revision History: Version, August 3, 2016

Fixed compatibility with Duplicate Management Module in certain environments

View the MergeOmatic User Guide here.

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