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API - Add address Details only when allocated field is populated

Hi there, 


I am wanting to import gifts for new and existing constituents but I don't want to go through the address matching process for existing constituents. 


The address details are always populated in the data file for new and existing constituents. 


Is there a way of only adding/checking the new  constituent address data if a nominated field is populated with a flag (eg NEW)otherwise matching on Alias using an existing reference in the data file for existing constituents?



The way to go about this with a custom function is to check the field for the flag and if you do not want to check the address then blank out those fields. That way once IOM gets to the duplicate checking there is no address to match on.

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for replying , unfortunately I don't want to blank out the fields as I am wanting to import both new and existing constituents with out performing any data manipulation on the file.

Apparently there are some regular expressions/API codes that can be used to do only look at address's when specified by a certain field.


When I say "blank out" I mean that the API code would automatically blank out the fields if it doesn't see "NEW".

Unfortunately this would not be possible with a dictionary because you cannot conditionally modify the value of one field based on the value of another field.
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