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Appeal Master ID - using campaign/fund

Hi all,


I'm creating an import profile for a file which contains just the appeal ID of a gift (i.e. not campaign and fund), and am mapping it to the Master ID gift field, so that the default campaign and fund can be picked up.


However, I would like to conditionally add a constituent code based on the campaign ID of the gift.  Obviously this field is not present in the file - I'm wondering whether there is a nice way to do this by using the Master ID in the API somehow?


If not, I guess I could create a dictionary of appeals and campaign codes, and then use a virtual field for campaign ID.  In fact, if I leave the Function blank, I guess this could be step 1, and then step 2 would be referring to that virtual field in the API to create the cons code.  


Thoughts on any other ideas/potential pitfalls gratefully received!



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Update... In the end, I just created a dictionary of appeal codes to constituent codes. (This was made easier by exporting them along with their default campaigns, and choosing a cons code as an equivalent to each campaign (our campaigns are associated with different fundraising teams, which makes it quite easy to pick a cons code for each one).
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