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simple program won't work

A tried working in the API  a while back and became frustred and gave up.

I decided to try again, but do something very simple to see if I could get it work.  All I want to do is change False to True in my file if is a solicitor is false in Raiser's Edge.  I am getting two errors.  Expression is a value and therefore cannot be the target of an assignment and end of statement expected.  I have coded in VBA in Raiser's Edge with no problem. But this is very hard to learn and there is limited documentation.


Public Overrides Sub AfterConstituentOpen(ByVal oRec As Blackbaud.PIA.RE7.BBREAPI.CRecord, ByVal Cancel As ImportOM.API.iCancel)

MyBase.AfterConstituentOpen(oRec, Cancel)

Dim osolicit As Boolean=orec.fields(blackbaud.PIA.RE7.BBREAPI.ERECORDSFields.RECORDS_fld_SOLICITOR_FLAG)

If osolicit = False Then import.fields.getbyname("active")=True End If
End Sub

Keep in mind that capitalization matters in programming.

For example orec should be oRec and import should be Import.

Thanks Wayne.  It took my a while, but I figured it out.  Too much experience using SQL.  


Your help has been invaluable.  I have finally been able to do quite a bit in the API by reading some of your older posts and following the instructions. Thanks for helping a newbie!

of course, I'm always happy to help!
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