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Importing gift fields only if populated

I feel like this is probably quite an obvious one, but I'm feeling a bit rushed and rusty...

I have a file containing constituent fields and gift fields.  The constituent fields are always populated, but the gift fields are not always, depending on whether they have made a gift.  Is there anything I can do to tell it to only import the gift fields if they are populated?  e.g. if the Gift Amount field is populated, then it can go ahead and import that and the other gift fields.

Otherwise I will have to split the file in two, which isn't the end of the world, but I would prefer a more elegant, built-in solution.



Hello Sophia,

Are all the gift fields blank for the records you do not want to import gifts? i.e. no "0" or spaces etc? If you ensure that all fields are blank then it should not attempt to import a gift.
Ahhh... yes, of course - I hadn't even spotted that there were a couple of gift fields that were populated even for non-donors. Silly me! On the plus side, easily fixed! Thanks, Philip!
That's alright, I have been there and banged my head against the wall until I got reminded!
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