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Events in REAPI

An RE API question if you would permit it.


I am trying to decode how to work with global changes in the API.  I have successfully run a global change but I would like to get some information about the success/failure of the process.  The documentation mentions a couple of possibilities:


1)  The call to run the GlobalChange is:

Function ExecuteChange([oCallback As IBBProcessCallback], [bForBrowsing As Boolean = False], [oBrowseField As CChangeField]) As Boolean

The oCallback Optional argument looks useful but I don't know how to use it.

2)  There is an Event in the CGlobalChange object:

Event ProcessingComplete(lTotalProcessed As Long, lCompletelyChanged As Long, lPartiallyChanged As Long, lExceptions As Long, lElapsedSecs As Long, bPreviewReport As Boolean)

Which seems like it could be what I need but I don't think that I can pick up Events if I am using late binding right?  (the compiler won't let me use WithEvents)

I know this isn't what this forum is for so feel free to ignore, but if you have some quick advice or guidance I would really appreciate it!

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