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API Hooks

Hi everyone!

I noticed a new API hook called "AfterParsingNamesandAddresses".  When does that fire?  What can I do with it?

Also, I am doing a tribute import again this holiday season which means two-passes.  I want to be able to mess with the output file from the first import that has the newly created tribute ID column.  I think I do that in AfterImport but I don't know what info I have available to me at that point.  Is there a way to pick up the name of the output file?



yeah, unfortunately the second pass is the "real" one where gifts/donors are actually being imported so I would need the UI. I'll keep thinking!
Interesting idea. If your second pass doesn't require user interaction and you have IOM scheduler then you could theoretically fire off IOM.exe using process.start.
Interesting. I was thinking of sorting the files in the output folder by date modified and then picking the first one that had the output filename format.

While I have your ear, any thoughts on firing off one import after another? I would love to automate the "two-pass" import.
AfterParsingNamesandAddresses is fired after the AfterDictionaries event and before searching for the main constituent record. This event fires only if you are making use of the Omatic Data Service. The fields you mapped up for addresses/names will be populated with the data returned from the service.

We don't have a built in method to get the output file's name. However, it is a consistent format based on the time the import was ran. We had to do something similar for a client customization. We took the current time in the before import event and converted it to the string format then compared that to all files in the output directory path (property on Import) during the AfterImport event. Now, because of processing time from startup, the "second" portion of the time could be off, that portion was eliminated from the search for the file in the output folder.

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