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Out Of Memory?

I have noticed that when I am developing with IOM I eventually get an out of memory error when I start up the IOM code window.

It seems to happen after I have been opening and closing the code window a lot.  As in, I am testing something so I will add or remove code, then run the import, then tweak something else, etc.

Any ideas on how I could track this a little more formally or just what might be the cause of it?

I know this isn't very descriptive so please let me know what would help you understand it more.

Just noticed this whilst looking for something else. Worrying that this has been an issue since Jan.
This seems to be partially linked to what we were talking about in this thread about making sure to closedown() objects (even if you aren't creating "New" ones)

Revisiting this as it's been happening for a profile that doesn't use the RE API at all - just does some simple logic based on Import.Fields...Values.

Anyone else ever come across this? (I.e. memory issues without having any objects open)
Another thing that I was thinking is that it might have to do with the Includes at the top. Did you add any to your Global.vb?
I don't have any Includes at all. I do have some Imports (including to custom namespaces), but these really shouldn't cause the designer to leak memory.
Right, Imports is what I meant.

I think it has to load them in order to do the auto-complete functionality. Not at all sure that it is related to the memory thing but it seems to only happen to people who mess with the API significantly.

On a side note, what kind of custom namespace are you importing? I have written a bunch of custom functions in my global.vb but I would love to be able to pull them out into a separate file that I could just Include.
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