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Out of memory exceptions when launching code editor

Recently I've started to get Out Of Memory Exceptions when I try to launch the code editor.

Sometimes the code editor still appears (after I've dismissed the error messages), but other times I need to press the button again. Just now it managed to bring Raiser’s Edge down with it.

Anyone experienced this before?


This problem is usually related to a Blackbaud object not being closed down properly. While it is possible we missed something within IOM, it could also be an object in custom code as well. Consider what you were previously doing before you got this error. That should help narrow down if this was a specific profile or something within ImportOmatic itself.
I get this occasionally as well. If I look at the memory footprint of RE before and after IOM (even when I shut IOM it down) it grows quite a bit. Especially if I bring up the code editor. I usually just exit/signout of RE every once in a while which helps.

As Nic said, sometimes it is also a cleanup issue but I have seen it with just opening and closing the plugin.
Thanks guys. At least for the most recent episode, I don't think it was an API issue - although the stacktrace did mention a BB library, I hadn't been referencing one in the profile I was working on.

Restarting Raiser’s Edge does seem to clear the issue up. I'll grab a screenshot of the exception next time it happen and will pass this on.
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