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Customising Auto-Pick Criteria

Hello, API fans...

I would like to set up an import profile which automatically matches records with the same mobile number.

(It would be a bonus if it could match regardless of spacing, e.g. 0788 1234567 would match to 0788 123 4567, but this isn't the end of the world).

Mobile number isn't one of the auto-pick criteria, and I can't see a way to work around this in the standard options.  

I'm working with SMS giving files, where all we have to identify the donor is their mobile number.  I'm sure I have created profiles before where IOM was able to use this kind of data to match to possible duplicate records, but I can't seem to remember how, or to what degree this worked - maybe even then, there were some slipping through the net (?).

Does anyone know of a way that I can customise the auto-pick criteria in the API, or any other way around this?

Many thanks indeed - and happy Hallowe'en!



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There is no way to access the auto-pick functionality as far as I know (even in the API)
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