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Create Static Query with IOM


I am doing an import of Solicitors into exiting RE Gifts. the import works fine but I need to create a static RE query of all Gifts for which I imported Solicitors. I am not getting any errors in the Create and the AddRecord methods  but when I try to save the query, IOM gets stuck and never finishes the import. When I cancel the Import, the query exists in the RE Query Module but has zero records. 

I had this working at some point earlier this year but then unfortunately lost the code and I did not back this one up anywhere.

Note: I would use the built-in functionality to create a Gift query but there is only an option for imported gifts, not modified gifts.

I hope somebody can point me in the right direction.

This is what I have so far:

Dim oStaticQuery as CStaticQ

Public Sub BeforeImport

  ostaticQuery = new cstaticQ

  oStaticQuery. Init (import.Sessioncontext)

  oStaticQuery.createWithoutPrompt (12, "Solicitor-Import", "Solicitor Import", "Solicitor Import"

End sub

Public Sub BeforeConstituentSave


  Load Constituent


   loop through gifts to find one I am seeking




End sub

Public Sub AfterImport

   oStaticQuery.EndCreate (me, False,False)    

                                                                           Records into the static query


   oStaticQuery =Nothing

End Sub

Thanks, Philip

Well, After I posted this I found a solution that worked for me:

I exchanged the <code> me </code> with <code> nothing </code> :

<code> oStaticQuery.EndCreate (Nothing, False,False) </code>

If somebody has a better method of creating static queries with IOM I would be interested to know.

if it works is looks pretty simple. Thanks!
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