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Duplicate Constituent Attributes


We are importing constituent attributes for Volunteer Interests.  The category is the SNHUVolunteer but the description could vary - such as Career Coach, Resume Critiques, Relocation Advice etc.

When importing, we want it to skip the input record if the attribute already exists but ADD a new one if it doesn't.  The only difference in the input file would be the date (we are using current date through Virtual Fields).  What's happening now is we are getting two attributes for the same attribute description but with different dates.  There doesn't appear to be any way to check for an existing attribute prior to the add so I thought maybe through API this could be done.

We don't want to Update Existing because it actually has a different Attribute Description (but same Attribute Category).

As anyone else run into this and if so any ideas?



Can you clarify a little bit with an example of when you would want and not want to add an attribute? Are you ever going to want to update the attribute or only add? What do you mean by "skip the input record"?
We never want to overwrite an existing attribute value but do not necessary want to add a new attribute. We want to base the duplicate "test" on the attribute category AND description as we have multiple descriptions for the same attribute category. An example would be:
Existing record:
Attribute Category - SNHUcan Interest
Attribute Description - Resume Critiques

Incoming data - which we would want to "skiip" because it already exists on the record:
Attribute Category - SNHUcan Interest
Attribute Description - Resume Critiques

Incoming Data - which we would want to add as it's a new interests:
Attribute Category - SNHUcan Interest
Attribute Description - Networking Events

The way it works now is we get an extra "Resume Critiques" and a new "Networking Events".

Unfortunately, the constituent attribute duplicate criteria doesn't compare attribute description when determining if incoming data is a duplicate.

Hope that clears it up a little.

Ok, I got it.

So it sounds like this is a job for the API.

In AfterConstituentOpen you would loop through all of the attributes on that record and compare the Category and Description. If they match then blank out the fields in the import and that attribute won't be imported. If no match is found then just leave the import as-is and it will create the new attribute.
Thank you Wayne. I will give that a try.
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