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Accessing constituent attributes

I’m using Import O’Matic v2.1.1.1 and working with the code editor for a particular profile and I have run into a problem that I am not sure how to overcome. I am trying to examine constituent’s attributes (in BeforeConstituentSave() subroutine) but I am not able to figure out how to find specific attribute category names (or more specifically the Description value when looking at it from the Config->Attributes->Constituent view). For instance, there is an attribute category called “Usde Race” with a value of “White”. I can easily get the value “White” but I can’t access the category “Usde Race” text. I’m trying to write a function that looks for“Usde Race”. I have some psuedo code below that is like what I have but this idea is what is failing for me.



Dimstr As String

DimoAttrTypesServer As New Blackbaud.PIA.RE7.BBREAPI.CAttributeTypeServer


Str= oAttrTypesServer.GetAttributeTypeDescription("181259").ToString


If str = “Usde Race” then

               DO SOMETHING




Any help that would steer me in the right direction would be extremely helpful.


Your psuedo code is missing only one thing in order for it to work properly.


Nearly all objects from the RE API must be initialized in order to use them.
Thanks very much for your help Nick!

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