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What is a Task Attribute?

Yes you are correct it is for List Management specifically (sorry to not include that originally).
Ah, thank you Shane. I think this applies to the List Management part of IOM which we don't have :(


The "Task Attribute" is referring to the ImportOM.API.APITaskAttribute that is used to denote that a Sub routine should be available for Task Sets - Custom API Tasks. The routines are defined in the Global code of the IOM API (not specific profiles). Here is an example of how the code can be structured (obviously not a very productive example, but just for illustration):

Public Sub APITask_Example(ByVal oRec As Blackbaud.PIA.RE7.BBREAPI.CRecord, ByVal Cancel As ImportOM.API.iCancel)
oRec.Fields(blackbaud.PIA.RE7.BBREAPI.ERECORDSFields.RECORDS_fld_NICKNAME) = "Sample API Task"
End Sub

The "Sample API Task" is the value that will show in the drop down in Task Sets when Custom API Task is chosen.


Hope that helps, let us know if you have any other questions on it.


Shane Norris

Senior Software Developer

Omatic Software

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