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Match Type

Is there a way for me to see in the API what type of match was made to find the record in RE?

In the Duplicate Search Match form it puts a little icon next to the different entries based on whether it was matched on email address or relationship name (and possibly others?).  Is that information accessible?  How about if it matched on ID or by name/address?

I would like to do different things based on how the record was matched.

Unfortunately no. But if it did... what would you do if they matched in multiple ways?
I was thinking that if I knew it was a spouse match then I would know to put the email in a different type.

Also, if it was an email-only match then I might do some extra error checking for the input.

Finally, if it was an ID match I might skip the cons data in the import. For example, we get typed data from our lockbox that I don't always trust, but the IDs are scanned by machine so I trust them more. If an ID was scanned but there was bad data typed in (or old data from a check for example) then I would just ignore it automatically since I know the ID is good and i won't want to change the data.
Ah, a spouse match... I'll ask around and see if anyone can think of a way to detect that. I thought you meant an email match vs. a match to dupe criteria set 'A' vs. a match to dupe criteria set 'B', etc. 

If you are paying your lockbox processor by the key stroke (many do) then I would ~definitely~ instruct them to NOT type the name/bio info if there is an ID on the reply device, UNLESS there is an address change, in which case I think you would want to capture that.
We actually don't pay per keystroke somehow. They do usually just pull information from a "finder file" that I send them based on ID but they also sometimes type in the information for some reason.

Speaking of duplicate sets, I seem to have approximately 3420938 of them. Is a new one created for each profile? They all just say "Duplicate Individual Criteria" and have the same criteria. I haven't really looked into how they work.

The multiple entries of "Duplicate Individual Criteria" is related to the issue you previously had with a machine running older version of IOM on your database. This caused the upgrade process to run every time the configuration for IOM was accessed from the rogue machine. It shouldn't affect your duplicate searching as it is just duplicating the same search options.

Provided you have found the rogue computer running an older version of IOM and fixed it, you shouldn't see any more of these added. You can at this point start removing them from each profile and then deleting the criteria if you want.
Great, thanks.

I hate those pesky rogues.

BTW, this no longer happens with recent versions of IOM... it now auto-detects if more recent versions are in use at your organization. That rogue version must be pretty old!

Regarding Finder Files... have you seen our new list management module for ImportOmatic??

I have seen the list management module and it looks impressive! I don't really see a need in our organization currently but I can see how it would be useful for orgs that handle a lot of memberships and static groupings.
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