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Fire IOM from outside RE Shell

This might not be a usual question but I would like to know if there is a way to fire IOM from let's say an application.

I want to integrate that code in my application. This way my users can process the data in my Custom application and once they are ready to import just click a button to get the IOM form and choose the profile or even fire the profile directly. This will save him from from opening RE and click on the plugin from there.

Is this possible? I quickly tried to reference the IOM dll to my project and use it but did not figure out how to use it yet. (Spent only 5 min so far and will try more later) .

Thank you!


Hi Philip,

If your organization has the "Scheduler" module for IOM, your application can execute the IOM EXE (like any command-line utility) and instruct it to import a file or group of files using a specified import profile (the scheduler is built to allow IOM to be run via the Windows Task Scheduler). You application cannot, however, reference the IOM DLL and automate it using COM or the .Net Framework.

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for the answer. That makes sense. How can we get the Scheduler module?
Hi Philip,

I've asked someone on our team to reach out to you, but you can always email any time you have product questions.

Great. Thank you!
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