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How to access recurring gift when adding a RG amendment

I have an import profile adding RG amendment to an existing recurring gift.

The profile imports well and I am trying to do a few things before saving the recurring gift.

Wonder if there is a function I can use to access the recurring gift before saving?

I tried 'BeforeGiftSave', but seems like that function never triggered when I am adding an amendment.


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Hi Rosa, 

Great question, unfortunately the answer isn't as great. The BeforeGiftSave is called before gifts that are being imported are saved. In your case you're actually importing gift adjustments, which are a different record type than gifts themselves. We don't have a BeforeSave on every gift record type, but I can certainly see how one for an adjustment would be handy. I'll see if it's possible to get that in to our next major release. To keep it on the radar of the dev team, would you please suggest the idea here?: 


Thanks, Jeff
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