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Control Tribute Selection/Output

Is there a way for me to catch and redirect which tribute gets matched in a Tribute import?

I am concerned about a case where someone has multiple tributes of the same type on their record.  I would like to give the processor the option of selecting which tribute to match to (or to create a new one).

For Example:

Mr. X has two tributes:

In honor of Mr. X

In honor of the X family

One is for formal Tributes, the other is for family or friends.

When a gift comes in I would like it to match to not only the Type, but the description as well.  Even better would be to allow the processor to choose which one if the description doesn't match either but the Type is the same ("In honor of Mr. John X").

So far I have put some code into AfterConstituentOpen that will pop up some forms if the types match but the descriptions are different basically asking if they want to overwrite the current description or make a new tribute.  Since IOM will match on the first instance of the same type of tribute we an add a new tribute to the record, save it, and then IOM will auto-match to that.

My problem now is how can I get IOM to match the second tribute of the same type on the record?  I can pull up that tribute no problem, but I can't get IOM to mark that one as the correct tribute to link in the output file.  Is there a way to access that data somehow?  Can I add a column to the output file or edit it?

Thanks as always!

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P.S. Solved this by reassigning the sequence of the tribute I want to match to be the first one and it seems like IOM will pick up the first tribute that matches a certain tribute type.
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