EventOmatic 1.3.10 is available

EventOmatic version 1.3.10 is now available as a download and as an AppOmatic app.  It includes the following updates:

v1.3.10 11APR2014

- Changed Seating Group column header from Group to Seating Group

- Fixed install problem

- Fixed issue of participants not loading if user didn't have rights to Event reports

- Increased speed of loading participants

- Fixed issue of solicitors not showing if they had no first name

- Disabled guest options on right click menu when a sponsor is selected

v1.3.7 15JAN2014

- Added support for AppOmatic 

- Fixed bug in Security check for Edit rights

- Added option to apply default set when Adding a Guest

- Fixed issue of being prompted to add a new participant as a Constituent when they were already a Constituent or if the user canceled

- Added ability to add placeholder sponsorees for Sponsors

- Added ability to make the selected participant the donor when adding Donation Gifts or Sponsoring Pledges

- Group Seating Notes field no longer count towards licensing

- Sponsor list in Set Sponsor menu item is now sorted by Org name, then Last name

- Fixed issue of lookup button on summary form displaying in the wrong place when display was set to 125% or 150%

- Added a warning when selecting local images for an email template

- Clicking a column header now sorts ascending the first time

- Improved the speed of loading the grid and display wait cursor while loading

- Fixed memory leak issue when opening EvOM multiple times in the same RE session

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