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Not recognizing Virtual Columns

I may be crazy, but it seems like my virtual column code is not being recognized anymore.

The names are not showing up in the Function drop-down.

Did something change?


Update: They are not showing up in the Virtual Column page Function drop down. They show up in the little Function pop-up on the main column page.
This issue was resolved in the latest release.
You are correct sir! 2.4 did the trick.

I am trying to figure out how to catch the case where an ID match was made but the incoming email does not match the record with that ID. i.e. it's a "new" email address.

Ideas? (I also asked support about this so I might have two things going)

I'm not sure what your end goal is but you could use the regular ID matching and then in the AfterConstituentOpen do your own checks against the email addresses to do your logic.

My goal is to give the user a chance to upgrade a non-constituent spouse before having IOM select the primary record automatically.

Also, the system I am importing from has some records that contain emails of multiple RE records so I want a chance to review them even if they have an ID attached in order to avoid duplicate emails in RE.

I assume after open is too late to change who the gift gets linked to? Is there a way for me to change the match?

I haven't run into a scenario where I've needed to do this but you could potentially reload the oRec object passed in to the AfterConstituentOpen event. You would need to provide the UI to determine which record to pick as well as the logic to find the list of records. If you do try that, make sure to use a test database or test records.
Sounds like a lot of work!
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