SegmentOmatic is now available (updated)

SegmentOmatic version is now available.  This version fixes an issue where List Management non-constituents were not included in segmentations.


Download the attached .zip file and install it on each workstation that runs SegmentOmatic.  If you have the SegmentOmatic app installed in AppOmatic, you must uninstall the SegmentOmatic app in AppOmatic before using the plug-in.

A link to the online user guide is included in the .zip, or you may click the link posted here.


Revision History

Version, January 2017

- Fixed issue where non-constituents from List Management weren't being included in segmentations January 12, 2017

- Query selections can now be removed from profiles and hierarchies

- List Management checkbox is now hidden in profile when ImportOmatic with List Management is not purchased

- Fixed issue where not all check box selections were being copied when copying a profile

- Fix for installer issue

SegmentOmatic user guide

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