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Error when renewing a membership


I am importing gifts and some gifts have memberships attached to them. This usually goes fine unless I am renewing a membership of the same type.

Current membership: 'Paid Annual'
New membership: 'Paid annual'

I am setting the transaction type to : Renewal

For some reason IOM gives me this error in the error file:

Required field missing: Status[object: 'CMembershipCard', Pk '263832', Import ID: '00001-570-...', Field: 'Status', Value: ''] -->......

I don't want to do anything with membership cards. I don't get this error on upgrades or new membership. So I don't know why it is giving this error on same renewals. (I did try to set the membership transaction to 'Renewal-Same)

Any suggestions or hints are appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi Philip,

Are you having an issue with IOM API code that is being used for Membership processing? If so, you might want to post that portion of the code here so that others can assist you with it. Also, if you will post the obfuscated portion of the error (after the "-->") we can run it through a translator and get some more information on the exact nature of the issue.

If you are not using API code for Membership processing, we will need to see the data file (a single row that is giving you an error will suffice), the IOM profile, and the Error.txt file, to best assist you. Please send those items to and we will open a case for you.

To send your IOM profile:

* IOM Configuration

* Highlight the name of the profile you are using

* Right click on it and choose to export

* Send me the .xml file that is created

* It will be named in this fashion: IOM_Profile_Export_.xml



Hi Tiffany,

Thank you for your answer. I got caught up in another part of the project and could not reply until now. Below you will find the error message I am getting. I want to start with this first and see if this helps us any further:

Line 3: Required Field Missing:  Status [Object: 'CMembershipCard', PK: '2880', Import ID: '00001-570-0000002880', Field: 'Status', Value: ''] -->#=qzhbzjoOYU44udfQBoXdVrvcNlgqjHR9oVnOeVqMrQmk=.#=qZjOJQ2wO$tl5qhJXOmuDtg==().

I am using the API to validate &  correct some of the data in the row but then IOM is supposed to issue the membership based on the new data in the row. I will do some more testing and any useful results until can get some more data about the error msg.



I did a bit more testing and also upgraded to IOM I am now getting a new error msg:

Line 1: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. -->#=q$7XtiM0DgJ30WCHkLCEilOuylnquJGT0$P$HyHoVvy8=.#=qqzcSkO1f9b4$2H5NQapjxi2vnIsM5HTX2ixTyAPbzHOadz7MYt8Kak80mmzlDdFb(CMembershipCard& #=qMFqM8oABCykdpGC9PGQgQQ==)-->#=q$7XtiM0DgJ30WCHkLCEilOuylnquJGT0$P$HyHoVvy8=.#=qwXwtW3m5bK4w3fdj5FphYQ==()

I also created a new Profile based on the original import file but just mapped the constit ID and the Membership fields. It generates the same error. This means it is not an API error. I have send the profile to the email you indicated.

Ok. Did a lot more testing on this and I found a consistency of the error. It seems that I cannot RENEW. I can Join, upgrade, downgrade etc but I am doing something wrong with RENEWALs. I have the following fields in the import: ConstitID, Membership/Type, Mem/Category, Mem/Activity Date, Mem/Total Members, Mem/Expires on, Mem/Life Time Membership.

When [Membership/Type] is set to 'Renewal' I get an error. When it is set to upgrade/downgrade then it works.

Looking at the RE renewal form I can see that they have radio button to qualify the Renewal into a 'Upgrade', Downgrade' or 'Same' Renewal. Is this the problem? How can I specify this in IOM?



Hi Philip,

Thank you for sending in your files.

This error has been resolved in the next version of IOM. We don't have an exact release date at this time, but it should be within a few weeks. I will let you know through your case when it is ready to install.

A new feature in 2.2.2 is the ability to "Updated Membership card status to default from the category on renewals". It sounds like the default print status is not set on your category.

This status can be found in your Config -> Membership Categories -> "your program & category combo" -> Default Settings -> under the "Default renewal card status to: ____ ". The workaround until the new version is released is to set the status here.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support
Hi Amanda,

That handled the problem. Thank you very much!


Hi Amanda,

That handled the problem. Thank you very much!


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