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Classy - Better Ticketed Event handling and more gift fields! (Updated 10/3/17 v.

With our latest update to the ImportOmatic Connector for Classy, we've resolved many little bugs and added more data to the Transactions import.  For example, you can now indicate whether your Transactions include ticketed events, which will enable us to return the Classy Ticket Type fields, already pre-mapped to Raiser's Edge Participant Fees!  

Additionally, we've added the credit card type and receipt number fields, enabling better record-keeping and reconciliation between Classy and Raiser's Edge.

Finally, we've made a few tweaks that will prevent common issues.  ImportOmatic will store your login credentials for all future Classy profiles, so you don't have to worry about finding them each time you want to create a new profile.  Also, since Campaigns can have different custom fields, changing the Campaign at the point of importing was causing field mismatch errors that were frustrating for users. To prevent this issue, we've locked the profiles to specific Campaigns, unless you open the profile to refresh it.  If you know that you have the same custom questions across your Campaigns and like to import them separately, you can just Copy the profile to create separate ones for each Campaign. 


We hope these updates will make using the ImportOmatic Connector for Classy even better for you!  When you're ready, check out the Release Notes and then download the Classy Connector today!  

**If your database is hosted by Blackbaud, please note that this update is approved for installation.**  

Don't forget that you can check out the ImportOmatic User Guide for full instructions on updating, or for more details on a specific fix in this release.


Classy, version - Approved in Blackbaud Hosting
Fixed issue where not all campaigns were being returned when creating a new profile
Errors occurring when retrieving data will no longer stop the import processing for subsequent rows

Classy, version

*Recommended: after updating, refresh your profile and match existing fields by name

Added ability to import ticketed events to Transactions import
Added receipt number and credit card type fields to Transactions import 
Campaigns are now listed in alphabetical order
Credentials are now saved and do not need to be entered again when creating a new profile
Fixed issue where selecting multiple campaigns with the same name was only importing data from the first campaign selected
Fixed issue where the total number of records being imported was not correctly updating
Resolved error when importing Fundraisers
Campaigns can now only be updated in a profile by refreshing the profile
Resolved error when importing comments with a carriage return in Transactions import
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