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MailChimp - Improved Campaign Activity Performance! (Update on 9/12/17 to v.

One of the most frustrating parts of working with email campaign data can be managing the sheer quantity of records.  When working with APIs, we can see that issue appear in the shape of throttling or slow performance.  To alleviate some of these issues when using the ImportOmatic Connector for MailChimp, we've streamlined our Campaign Activity Import and Export profiles to be more efficient.  You should see these two processes run much more quickly now!


Check out the Release Notes and then download the MailChimp Connector today!  Don't forget that you can check out the ImportOmatic User Guide for full instructions on updating, or for more details on a specific fix in this release.

MailChimp, version - Approved in Blackbaud Hosting

Added archived_url field to Campaign Activity import profile

Hidden interests will now be included in subscriber import
Resolved error when importing lists with address merge fields
Fixed issue where subscriber export wasn't alerting user when exporting a list member who was unsubscribed in the list


MailChimp, version - Approved in Blackbaud Hosting
Improved processing speed during Campaign Activity Import and Export

Fixed issue where list members were not being added to groups during Export


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