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MailChimp is ready - You can now match records by MailChimp ID!

We love updating our Connectors to bring you bug fixes and new functionality, but we love it even more when the Connector is FREE! We've made a few cool updates to our MailChimp Connector that we're hoping you'll love, too.


The biggest change is that we've added the ability to match by MailChimp ID when exporting records. Previously, we only offered matching by email address.  This improvement allows you to locate a record in MailChimp even if their email address is different in Raiser's Edge.  Depending on how your organization uses MailChimp lists, you may or may not want to use this new feature.  Make sure to check out the full details in our user guide before applying it to your profiles.


We've also heard from some users that the export to MailChimp seems to run slowly.  This is an issue across many different types of integrations using MailChimp's API, and we're here to help as best as we can! ImportOmatic sends the records out of Raiser's Edge at the fastest speed allowed, but unfortunately MailChimp's API is not always able to receive the data as quickly.  This bottleneck results in the export taking longer than expected.  To help you plan better for large exports, we've added load testing results and MailChimp performance resources in our User Guide.  This information should allow you to estimate export timeframes and plan accordingly.


Check out the Release Notes and then download the MailChimp Connector today!


MailChimp v2.2.2.0

Added ability to match by MailChimp ID

Improved security

Updated error message when trying to import from a list that has been deleted

Updated error message when importing a list member without a name

Fixed issue where the incorrect number of rows to process was being displayed


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