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MailChimp connector version is now available (updated)

We have released version of the MailChimp Connector.  This version improves the time it takes to display the list dropdown in the connector settings when there are a large number of lists in MailChimp.


Revision History

March, 15, 2016

MailChimp Connector, version

Improved the time it takes to retrieve and display a large number of lists in the MailChimp connector configuration screen

March, 1, 2016

MailChimp Connector, version

Fixed issue with the profile field mapping not being refreshed to reflect fields in the new list when the connector settings are changed to use a new list


This version is now available for download in our Connector Library.  

To install, download and copy the files to your connector folder defined in IOM General Settings or to the IOMExtensions folder.

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