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Mail Chimp Connector

Hello!  We recently upgraded to IOM v3.2.0.0.  We'd really like to get configured to use the MailChimp Connector.  However, the connection between MailChimp and IOM doesn't seem to be functioning properly.  I am able to generate an API key in MailChimp and then get a "successful" connection when trying to create a new profile within the IOM application.  However, the drop-down menu for the Lists is blank.  In other words, it is not reading the mailing lists we've got set up in MailChimp. See screenshot:


When I look through my MailChimp account I do not see that Omatic software is one of the available integrations. 

Any ideas or advice?


i have installed the Mailchimp connector and created my export profile for subscribers but when i try to run the import all lines come back with:
Unable to subscribe record to the MailChimp list: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Can you tell me what i am doing wrong?
Hi Kim,

Do you have the email address mapped for exporting? If you do, will you please paste a screen shot of your profile field map?

Thank you,
Omatic Software

OMG - I'm so - thanks Amanda - will try again!

Hi - sorry - me again. I have tried everything i can think of to export group information into Mailchimp. I have a group that is called "Please Send" It contains the following categories for check boxes " E-Newsletter", "Telethon Emails", Lottery Emails" etc... when i created my export in Import-o-matic i created virtual fields so i could add people to all the categories in the group but even though the export works in that the people are put into Mailchimp - nothing is set in the "Please Send" Group. i tried setting the field to equal to the Category name and used a Static Field - i even tried using "True" or "Y" but nothing seems to populate the categories in the group.



Hi Kim, can you post a screenshot of how you have the groups mapped?



I am dealing with this same issue currently. I've tried everything I can think of, but have not been able to populate groups when exporting to MC via the connector. Was this issue ever resolved?


Thanks so much,


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