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Error on Exporting RE Data into MailChimp Subscribers

I have a query of newly created records who signed up to MailChimp. I want to have IOM match on email and then update MailChimp with Constituent ID and Age. When I run the export the following error comes up:



And then it says X email ""is already a list member.  Use PUT to insert or update list members."" How do I tell it to PUT the information instead of trying to make a new subscriber?




Hi Nathan,

The MailChimp Export Connector matches constituents from RE to list subscribers in MailChimp by the email address. If the email address is already present on the list in MailChimp, that record is ignored (it does not update that record). If the email address is not present on the list in MailChimp, that record is added. So currently the Connector adds data but doesn't update it. We can certainly look into adding that capability though. What fields are you sending from RE to MailChimp?

Here's more info from our help file:
When exporting subscribers, if the export contains an email that is already in your MailChimp list, that record is ignored by MailChimp - it does NOT update the record or add a duplicate.


Ok, that's what I thought you had mentioned before but then the wording of "use put to update" in the error log threw me off.


So I used the import feature to create records from MailChimp subscribers and made constituent records for them in RE (or match on email, where possible). And from there I wanted to update their MailChimp accounts with their new Constituent IDs and any other useful information we may have on them- age being the main one.

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