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A few fixes for Luminate Online, Classy, and VolunteerHub! (Update 5/9/17 for Luminate Online version

We have updates to a few of our Connectors to let you know about!

For Luminate Online, we've fixed a few bugs and hassles - like updating error messages to be more clear. For the Group Sync profile type, we fixed a couple of issues when using the same query for two different groups or when using merged RE queries.

In Classy, we've added custom questions for both your Fundraisers and Transactions!  Now you can get all of those extra details into your RE gifts and constituents.

Finally, we've resolved an error in VolunteerHub when trying to test your login credentials through the Connector.


If any of the above issues affect you, make sure to download the latest version of your Connector(s) from our new downloads page.

Don't forget that you can check out the ImportOmatic User Guide for full instructions on updating, or for more details on a specific fix in this release.

Luminate Online, version - approved in Blackbaud Hosting
Updated error message when importing a duplicate gift ID from Luminate Online
Fixed issue where group members were not removed when exporting to two groups with the same query
Fixed issue where using a merged RE query was causing all records to be exported in Group Sync

Classy, version - approved in Blackbaud Hosting
Added fields for custom questions from the donation page to Transactions import
Added fields for custom questions from the fundraising page to Fundraisers import
VolunteerHub, version - awaiting approval in Blackbaud Hosting

Resolved error when testing connection with valid credentials

Luminate Online, version 

Updated error messages to provide more detail
Updated Sustainer Gifts profile type to include quarterly and annually recurring gift schedules
Surveys without a center specified will be loaded when filtering on all centers
Fixed issue when exporting gifts with Tax ID populated in Luminate Online

Luminate Online, version 
Fixed issue where selecting multiple options with the same name (such as Donation Form) was only importing data from the first option selected
Fixed issue where importing calendar event attendees without ticket prices was creating gifts with repeating ID number elements (ex - LOLO1234)
Better handling of HTML formatted text

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