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Error on Updating Unsubscribers from MailChimp

I've set up a profile that matches unsubscribers from MailChimp to RE based on constituent ID and adds a virtual field for solicit code "do not email."


But when I run the import I get the follow message:

"Line 1: Number of fields in this data row (12) does not match number of fields profile (13)."


I'm guessing something with adding up the virtual field is making the number not match?






Hey Nathan,

Just wanted to see if you could post/send us a copy of your profile (or a screenshot). I've done a quick test here with unsubscribers and a virtual field and not seeing the same results. You didn't happen to remove a field from the profile mapping did you?

Hey Nathan,

Thanks for the screen shots. The error logs seems to be reporting a different error (e.g last name missing), not the # of of columns being different. The last name missing could be for new constituents not yet in your database (or able to be matched by the id) and IOM tries to create them. However, with no last name matched it wouldn't be able to do that. You can have exceptions created if a record doesn't match by id if you'd prefer.

I don't see any errors with the column/layout based on the screenshots.


Ah, you're right. It looks like it is working correctly aside from those without records yet. I guess it just needed a restart.



Thanks Nathan, let us know if you run into anything else.
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