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Update Job Assignment Records


I am planning to develop a profile for updating job assignment records. What I am not clear about is how to load an assignment record using either System ID or Import ID. Since job assignments do not have a loadbyfield method, there must be another way. I think I could use the Item Method and pass IOM the System ID for each assignment? Has anyone used the API to access job assignments?

Thanks, Grant

I originally tried this, but it did not work.

Sub updateJobAssignment()

Dim oJob As New CJob
Dim ojAssign As CJobAssignment
    'Set ojob = CJob
    oJob.Init REApplication.SessionContext
    oJob.LoadByField uf_JOB_IMPORT_ID, "00170-557-0000000008"


    For Each ojAssign In oJob.Assignments
        'Debug.Print ojAssign.Fields(JobAssignment_fld_DEPARTMENT)
        If "" & ojAssign.Fields(JobAssignment_fld_DEPARTMENT) = "Business Support" And _
            "" & ojAssign.Fields(JobAssignment_fld_END_DATE) = "" Then
            ojAssign.Fields(JobAssignment_fld_NOTES) = "dsfd"
        End If
    Set Object = Nothing

End Sub

Then I checked out Blackbaud knowledgebase BB703331  How to write code to edit a job assignment

which had sample code. This works inside RE as the host. to make it work with IOM, you'll need to change

 oRec.Init REApplication.SessionContext     to      oRec.Init(import.SessionContext)

essentially you load  up the Constituent, then look through all Constituent's JobAssignments (maybe you want to compare with JobAssignmentID to be 100% sure), then edit the fields you want to edit

the code is in VBA, so you'll need to tidy up for .net of IOM.

Sub editJob()

 Dim oJob As CJob

    Dim oJA As CJobAssignment


    Dim oVol As CVolunteer


    Dim oRec As CRecord

    Set oRec = New CRecord

    oRec.Init REApplication.SessionContext

    oRec.Load 1830449

    Set oVol = oRec.Volunteer


'    Set oJAs = oVol.Assignments


    For Each oJA In oVol.Assignments

        If "" & oJA.Fields(JobAssignment_fld_DEPARTMENT) = "Business Support" And _

            "" & oJA.Fields(JobAssignment_fld_END_DATE) = "" Then

            oJA.Fields(JobAssignment_fld_NOTES) = "Testing, 1, 2, 3"


        Else: End If

    Next oJA


    Set oJA = Nothing


    Set oRec = Nothing

End Sub

Hi Chinh Quan,

Our next release of IOM due for release early next month has a TON of improvements and additions for volunteer functionality (we think it's pretty much anything anyone could ask for). If you'd like a beta version to see what is coming we can arrange that for you.

Thanks very much for contributing to the IOM API forum!!


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