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Question about connectors

Does IOM only connect with ones listed in this forum - i.e. Luminate / MailChimp - or can connectors be created to any data base (Obviously depending on the other database?)


We have an external EDM and currently are investigating new ones.  Just wanting to know how these connectors work, and if indeed we can build our own ones as long as the system we want to connect it to meets certain requirements? And if you have a list of requirements that would be grand.




Hi Amanda,

Thanks for clarifying, i did find that development kit after i posted the question. I have been in contact with Lee.

Thanks for the help!
Hi Erin,

Great question. The short answer is - YES, you can build it! Here's the scoop:

Because ImportOmatic is so flexible, we're able to use it to bring in just about any data file and connect to a wide variety of data sources, as long as they meet the system requirements.

We've got our Software Development Kit here:
This will provide you with the information your team needs to determine whether you can build a connector on your own.

We also can build a custom connector for you! If you're interested in learning more about that process, your account manager (Lee Rowland) will be able to help. Lee is going to reach out to you to give you more details on that option.

I hope this information is helpful!

Amanda Tetanich, bCRE
Associate Product Manager | Omatic Software
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