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Lost code and virtual columns

I seem to have lost all my virtual columns and code in my test profile...

I don't think I did anything special.  The only thing that happened out of the ordinary is that I left RE running an import overnight and it crashed.  That shouldn't touch IOM though.

When I "right click to add a new virtual column" it starts the letters where I left off (M in this case) but none of the old columns are there.  The code looks like I had never added anything to it.

Is this an issue with installing updates on other computers or something?  I seem to remember something like that once.

I'll let you know if I track anything else down, just wondering if you had seen this behavior before?


Hi Wayne,

Per our conversation a few minutes ago, this behavior is seen when there are mixed versions of IOM present on your network, all accessing the same database. An older version was used to open and saved the profile in question, and since that version doesn't have the API module, nor the Virtual Fields, those items were cleared out on save by the older version. As you saw, the fields that had been Virtual Columns were moved to the Field Map during this process, and this is why the Virtual Fields seemed to begin lettering at where you left off last time.

It is very important that you do not have mixed versions of IOM accessing the same database. This condition can cause you to lose your profiles, and it can also produce undesirable results from importing. Please locate the machine(s) with the older versions and update them as soon as possible.



Wonderful Customer Service as usual!

The only thing I would add is that the person in question didn't even open the profile (as far as I can tell).  They just opened IOM and that was enough to wipe everything.  Scary!

I have made sure that they installed the newest version so hopefully it won't happen again.


Hi Wayne,

More recent versions of IOM do version-checking to prevent exactly this issue. They must've been on a stale version! Sorry for the inconvenience.

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