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IOM Connector for Luminate Online v1.0.5.77 is available!

Just like with Raiser's Edge, we know that no two organizations use Luminate Online exactly the same.  So, we've made improvements to accommodate your unique settings and needs.  For example, custom domains, varying constituent email protocols, and we've ensured that creating new Group Sync profiles is easier than ever.  You can review the list of improvements below, or check out What's New: Luminate Connectors to see more details.

When you're ready, you can click here to download the latest version.  For instructions on updating your connector, please see our user guide.


Version - February 9, 2017
Fixed issue related to custom domains for export profile types

Version - January 17, 2017

Saved connector settings from Group Sync will populate for new profiles
Updated suggested field mapping in Organization Donations, Survey Data, Sustainer Gifts, TeamRaiser Gifts, TeamRaiser Registrants, and TeamRaiser Surveys profile types
Added donation form name drop down selection to Offline Donation export settings screen
Added ability to export any email marked primary regardless of the type in Group Sync export (RE 7.94+)
Export profiles will no longer be created when closing out of the settings screen without saving
Fixed issue where Group Sync export was giving a warning message about incomplete credentials when first creating a profile
Removed Primary Email - Match requirement on TeamRaiser Offline Donation export profile
Fixed issue where events in the General security category weren't being imported in TeamRaiser Registrants when multiple centers is turned on
Fixed issue where some dates were being adjusted due to time zones
Fixed issue where Constituent import start and end dates were only using created date for constituents and not modified date as well
Added warning when trying to save settings with group name containing special characters in Group Sync export or when trying to save profile with group name containing special characters in Constituent export
Added custom domain field to export settings screen, for users with custom URLs
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