SegmentOmatic v2.3.8

OmaticSoftware is excited to release SegmentOmatic version 2.3.8 along with the launch of our SegmentOmatic UserVoice Site!  

When adding a new hierarchy from a calculated recency hierarchy template, you can now designate a start date and the new hierarchy will be automatically populated with fixed dates based on the template and your start date - how cool is that?  You can also create a new query on the fly from within any profile query field, open an appeal from within the appeals grid, lock a profile from editing by other users, plus more!

SegmentOmatic revision history:
- Added help file support for AppOmatic
- Added ability to add a new query on-the-fly when selecting any query.
- Added ability to specify a start date when adding a calculated recency hierarchy
- Added ability to lock a profile so that other users can not make changes
- Added Appeal description to the Appeal drop down on the results screen
- Added Open button to appeal grid to open the Appeal
- Added prompt to save changes when closing a profile
- Fixed issue of constituents being marked as committed in all Profiles when committing appeals on one Profile
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