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GlobalAPI Code


I created a custom adapter along with the necessary profile for it, programmatically. I would like to be able to have/make strongly-typed references to the API code (both for profile and global API code), is this possible (maybe this fundamentally isn't possible?)? If so, could someone point me in the right direction?

Reason: Mainly, I have existing Global API code that I want available to my custom adapter/profile that I don't want to maintain in more than one spot. I would prefer not to have to write in hardcoded string references to GlobalAPI code method(s) if I can help it.


Hi Travis, Interesting question! Unfortunately you cannot make strongly-typed references to the profile code because it is compiled at run time (so there's nothing to refer to at design time from a different project). You could, however, move your profile-specific code into your connector if you want (all the same events should be available), however this admittedly does not solve your quest for the global API code.

Just out of curiosity, what did you write a connector to?

Thanks Jeff.

Thought I'd just try my luck.

I'm just playing around with a custom Sql connector/adapter at the moment. Having some fun.
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Hey Jeff,
Is the logic ImportOmatic created for extracting specifically, the Global API code, available to outside projects/assemblies?
Hey Travis,

The Global API code is stored in the IOM configuration and its not something that IOM currently provides to outside assemblies.

Thanks Shane for responding back.
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