SegmentOmatic v. 2.3 - World's best email picker, create queries on-the-fly, acquisition list management.

The team at Omatic Software is pleased to announce the release of SegmentOmatic version 2.3. This roll-up version of recent innovations includes what we at Omatic consider to be the world's best email address picker for The Raiser's Edge 7 (inspired by the email address picker we created for EventOmatic). How do you select the best email address to contact your constituents? This configurable email picker allows SOM users fine-grained control over which emails to use (and which to exclude!). We've also added the ability to create new include/exclude queries on-the-fly as users create their segmentation profiles, as well as the ability to create static queries from selected segments in the results grid. Finally, we've improved SegmentOmatic's ability to work with large data sets and integrated it with ImportOmatic's List Management module, THE solution for direct marketing/acquisition lists and healthcare grateful patient programs

We'd love to hear from you! Please give us feedback in the SegmentOmatic forum, and if you're enjoying SegmentOmatic please post a review on our LinkedIn SegmentOmatic SegmentOmatic page. 

SegmentOmatic Revision History:

2.3.0 June 28 2013
- Added ability to add a new query on-the-fly when selecting the Exclude/Include queries
- Added ability to add selected records in the results grid to a static query
- Change made to use non-constituent form when opening non-constituent records

- Added support for non-constituent records from List Management to the export functionality
- Added time stamp to the default export file name
- Fixed issue of not picking up gifts with a date the same as the end date of the date range 
- Fix for error when using soft credits option in combination with a gift query
- Warning added for saving a frequency hierarchy range above Integer.MaxValue

- Added email option and selection to the export functionality when creating a query

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