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IOM Connector for Luminate Online v1.0.5.43 - improvements all around!

We've been working to improve our ImportOmatic Connector for Luminate Online, and there are many enhancements and bug fixes that we're excited to pass along to you!  We've improved performance and data filtering, added more pre-mapped fields for easier profile setup, and added details to gift handling that will make transitioning from Blackbaud's RELO Connector to our Connector easier than ever before.  


Check out the quick list of updates below.  If you would like to see more details on any of these items, click here.


Luminate Online, version - 12/13/2016

Resolved errors with Calendar Event Attendees and TeamRaiser Registrants.


Luminate Online, version - 12/8/2016

Fixed error where TeamRaiser Registrants without a registration payment were not being imported


Luminate Online, version - 12/1/2016

Fixed error in Constituent Export when no centers are defined in Luminate Online


Luminate Online, version - 11/28/2016

Added filtering by donation form in Donations profile type

Added receipt fields, including receipt number, to Calendar Event Attendees, Donation Data, Organization Donations, Sustainer Gifts, TeamRaiser Gifts and TeamRaiser Registrants

Gifts will be imported with a gift attribute containing the Luminate transaction ID in Calendar Event Attendees, Donation Data, Organization Donations, Sustainer Gifts, and TeamRaiser Registrants

Improved processing speed in Group Query Sync

Added donation form filtering to Sustainer Gifts profile type

Added donation form name field to Donation Data, Organization Donations, and Sustainer Gifts

Updated SQL Query source for TeamRaiser Offline Donations Export profile type

Added suggested mapping to Calendar Event Survey profile type

Added ability to select more surveys during import if already importing multiple surveys

Added ability to add constituents to Centers in Constituent Export

Constituents will be added to Centers associated with Donations and TeamRaiser events during export, if Centers is enabled in LO

Constituent Export profile type examines both alias type and value for matching

Gifts with an attribute of Luminate Online Gift ID will be filtered out and not exported in Offline Donations

Gifts exported with TeamRaiser Offline Donations will always be exported with a status of Confirmed

Fixed issue where Centers setting wasn't properly filtering imported data

Fixed issue where exporting zero query records resulted in an error in Group Sync Export

Fixed issue where survey list wasn't refreshing when changing LO credentials in Survey profile type

TeamRaiser gifts will no longer be imported in the Donations profile type

Fixed issue where survey submit date wasn't being imported in Surveys

Fixed issue where importing multiple events in TeamRaiser Registrants was giving an error

Fixed issue where not all survey responses were being returned when selecting multiple surveys

Fixed issue where LO constituent ID was not writing back to an alias in TeamRaiser Offline Donations export


Click here to download the IOM Connector for Luminate Online.


Installation instructions are available here.


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