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IOM Connector Updates for Classy, DonorDrive, and MailChimp!

We are excited to announce the release of updates to three of our ImportOmatic Connectors* - Classy, DonorDrive, and MailChimp!  All of these updates have been approved for use within Blackbaud Hosting, as well.  Take a look at the great features and fixes below, before downloading and installing. If you would like more detail on any specific items, you can review the full release notes here.


*Keep in mind that the ImportOmatic Connector for Classy requires a subscription, while DonorDrive and MailChimp are free!  If you would like to learn more about purchasing a subscription for the IOM Connector for Classy, please contact your Omatic account representative.


Classy, version

Added Offline Gift Export profile type

Added Dedication fields to Transactions import

Click here to download the IOM Connector for Classy.


DonorDrive, version

Fixed issue where data was being imported twice

Click here to download the IOM Connector for DonorDrive. 


MailChimp, version

Updated error in Export when the Raisers Edge record does not have an email address

Addresses are now parsed into separate fields during import and export

Click here to download the IOM Connector for MailChimp.


Installation instructions are available here.

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