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Check if virtual column

Is there a way for me to know if a field is a virtual column in the API?

I am looking at iField and I don't see anything that would tell me that.


There isn't, but this is something we could easily add in the next release. I'm curious as to how this would be used.
Before Import I want to check if there are the right number of columns, if there are not, then I want to add the missing ones as blank columns in the csv.

In order to know how many columns there should be in the import file I need to know how many non-virtual columns there are in a profile. Unless there is another way to get this?
Since this is code you would need to put into each profile, you should know the number of real columns in the profile. You would just need to change it for each profile or if the profile were to be updated with columns added or removed.
boo to non-portable code!
I agree, but it gets you what you need in the short term.
Indeed, I will just make the # of columns a parameter to pass so that I can use it in multiple profiles.

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