Segment-O-Matic maintenance update, v. 2.0.3

O-matic Software has released a maintenance update of Segment-O-Matic for The Raiser's Edge that addresses several issues. When updating, please make sure all workstations that utilize Segment-O-Matic are updated. The new version can be downloaded from this forum post.

v. 2.0.3 - April 4, 2012
- Fix for error message if an appeal used in Segment-O-Matic is deleted from RE
- Fix for error message when clicking edit in hierarchy templates tab when no template is selected
- Fix for error message when committing an appeal that has the "Use segment" option and also updating number solicited or package expenses
- Committing appeals done asynchronously for better user experience on large data sets

[see most recent post to download latest version]
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