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Import Tableentries


Today I needed to enter a lot of table table entries into RE. Specifically New Zealand's Cities & Suburbs. I did not want to spend hours putting them into the front end so I created a profile to do the work for me and I thought it might be useful for others as well.

The profile takes a text file with all the new table entries and imports into the RE DB.

There are 3 columns:

1: CodeTableID. Required   (This is the Number of the table you want to populate. You have to get this number from the SQL table: 'CODETABLES')

2: LongDescription. Required

3: ShortDescription. Optional

Once you start the program it IOM will give errors on all lines but it actually saves the table entries in the backend. You can ignore these errors.

Once you are done importing, go to the actual table in RE and sort it using the standard sort utility. This will make sure all sequence numbers are properly saved.


I took the coding from Blackbaud's website Knowledge base: BB114248


I am not sure how to attach the profile so just leave a comment and I can email it to you. (Or if somebody can tell me how to do it I'll attach it.)

Note: Use this profile on your on risk. I cannot guarantee it will work the same way it worked for me. I suggest the profile only to experienced users.

FYI you can also do this through a normal RE import by creating a test record and assigning them all to that record through the import. You can tell RE to add table entries if they do not exist.
Thanks Wayne. I did not know that.
The more ways we know to do something in RE the better off we are! Every technique has its use.
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