EFT-O-Matic v. 1.7.0 - Email pay-stubs as password-protected PDFs from FE's Payroll module

 EFT-O-Matic can now email paystubs directly from the Financial Edge Payroll module as password-protected PDF attachments. This update requires Financial Edge version 7.82 or higher, please email support if your organization has a lower version and cannot update. New version is attached to this post (See below).



Version 1.7.0 (13SEP2010)
-Added capability to send payroll paystubs to employees as encrypted PDF files

Version 1.5.7 (4JUN09)
-Output DB serial number to invalid license key error message to assist diagnosis.

Version 1.5.6 (24SEP08)
-Fixed issue in vendor pre-note process where some vendors had missing text fields by converting "nothing" value to empty string.

Version 1.5.5
-Updated and compiled on FE version 7.75, Patch 9

Version 1.5.4
-Fixed issue with vendor pre-note process where vendors without an email address displayed "False" in the vendor name column.

Version 1.5.3
-Changed invoice list label from "amount" to "amount paid"

Version 1.5.2
-Fixes for generating email for vendor that has not EFT Bank (like a bank draft payee)
-Added case for Credit Memo as a check parent type in CreatePaymentFromCheck

Version 1.5.1
-Added bank draft functionality



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