Pos-Pay 1.7.7 - The Positive Pay/ARP solution for the Financial Edge

Updates for this version of Pos-Pay (Note: there is no need to upgrade unless you use one of the new bank formats OR if you need the ability to ignore checks with check numbers above the current check number sequence you are using):

v 1.7.7, 24JUN2011
- Fix to enable bank number settings field for Wells Fargo CEO format

v. 1.7.6, 10JUN2011
- Changed error handling on settings form to allow it to continue loading after an exception

v. 1.7.5, 6JUN2011
- Added new Wells Fargo format (Wells Fargo CEO SAFE)

v. 1.7.4, 27MAY2011
- Added support for American National
- Fixed error for Republic Bank

v. 1.7.3, 12MAY2011
- Added ability to specify maximum check number to process
- Added support for Scotiabank
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