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General Email to Parents Only

I am sending a general email to senior parents only. My RO query is current seniors (type=student, format=dynamic). When I preview the email, Omatic is using the student email - we have both net classroom & checkmark for parent who receives report card on the relationship tab on the student record. I tried setting up the query as type=individual, but it individual (parent) queries are not on the list to select on the Omatic hub. It is critical that these emails be sent to the parents and NOT the students... The instructions in the Omatic guide states that they system will pull the relation record, but it does not seem to be working...

Omatic hub:
Report type = Registrar's Office: General Email
Report format = grayed out/blank
Recipient Query = Class of 2012 Mailing
... when I click on 'show results' button, only student emails appear & are used on the email preview.

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Hi Marie,

This sounds like something that should be reviewed by a member of our Support team. I will create a case on your behalf and have one of our team members reach out to you. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


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