MailOmatic for Accounting v. 1.0.25 - EFTOmatic and BillOmatic for AR combined!

EFTOmatic and BillOmatic for AR have been combined into MailOmatic For Accounting, the email automation solution for Blackbaud's Financial Edge accounting suite for nonprofits. If you owned either of the previous products, you now own them together in MOMA! For an overview of the solution, see our video demonstration link on the MailOmatic for Accounting page. The update installer is attached to this post - please uninstall the old version of EFTOM or BOMAR (you will not lose your EFT settings, some BOMAR settings may need to be re-entered) and install MOMA on all workstations that had the older versions installed. We hope you enjoy this newly expanded functionality, and we look forward to hearing your feedback in the MOMA forum!

Revision History:

MOMA Version 1.0.25 (25JAN2013)
- BillOmatic for AR and EFTOmatic combined into a single application. BOMAR adds the ability to email AR Invoices, Statements, and Receipts, with custom backgrounds available for Statements and Invoices
- Added ability to continue sending emails when an error occurs and log errors to an exception file.
- Change made to the INVOICE_LIST mail merge field to properly handle GST amounts in the calculations.

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