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Financial Edge Check Signatures

Can anyone offer any advice to create nice checks via Financial Edge using their signatures option? I end up having to print each check twice. Once through Financial Edge,the second time with a pdf I have created to place our CEO's signature on the check and not look so grainy (which is does for me through FE). Any help would be appreciated.



The most important thing from the Financial Edge help on setting up electronic signatures is this sentence right here...

"Graphic images for electronic signatures must be in bitmap (*.bmp) format and no larger than 0.25 inch high and 2.25 inches wide. The program automatically sizes images to fit in the check or purchase order’s allotted space."

If you take a BMP file that is outside of this range, Financial Edge will attempt to resize it and it will look grainy.

Also the type of Bitmap (BMP) file you create will affect the outcome. It has been a few years since I set this up so I don’t remember the exact quality of the bitmap file (24-bit vs 16 bit vs monochrome) so you might have to try different saves of the file to get the quality you are looking for.

Using a simple graphics editor (MS Paint for example) I was able to set the dimensions (Image -> Attributes) of the BMP file and then open the graphic within and then resize the imported image to the correct dimension. MS Paint will also allow you to save the BMP in the different formats along with cleaning up any imperfections that you have from the scan (extra pixels or slight color changes which will effect the outcome when it prints). I'm sure you could use a more advanced graphics program, but I am not into graphic design and had to work with what I had.

In order to get the signature the right size, I drew boxes of the following dimensions on a sheet of paper and had people sign in them with a BLACK pen making sure that the signature was clean and crisp. I then attempted to scan and crop only the sections I needed keeping to the scale.

0.25 x 2.25 (What is required by FE, but really small)
0.50 x 4.50 (Better but still small)
0.75 x 6.75 (Seems large when you sign but easier to scale down)

NOTE: If you create the boxes with a dark marker on one sheet and place this sheet behind a clean one, there is less cleanup required on the graphic file. Light pencil marks in the four corners on the clean sheet to show where the corners of your boxes are will help with scanning the image in at the correct dimension or for cropping the file down to the correct size.

I hope this makes sense.

In the end, make sure you scale the bmp file down to .25 x 2.25 size. The larger sizes are only for the original signing and will need to be scaled down. Just clarifying the point.
Thanks so much for the information. I will play with it and see what I can create.

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