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Skip cell (not row) if cell is blank in Importomatic

I have Target Analytics information I am trying to import but I don't want to import blank information if there is nothing in a cell.  I have 3 columns with information/data I want to import "IF" there is data in the cell.  For some people all 3 have returned data but other people may only have data in 1 cell and the others are blank.  I want to avoid cells with no information or $0.00 value from importing blank or $0.00 information.  I'd like it to ignore that cell (and all virtual fields that correspond with it) if it is blank or has $0.00 and still process the rest of the row.  Anyone know a way to make this possible?

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Try setting column AP (search date) to ignore and try it.

YES!! That worked - you are the best!  I can't thank you enough!

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