ImportOmatic v is now available for download! **Updated 11/08/16**

Omatic Software is excited to announce the release of ImportOmatic 3.3!  This update includes new features for data analysis and enhancements to speed up your day-to-day import processing.

Here are the highlights:

· Added Scoring Module to ImportOmatic to identify your best prospects

· Added sorting and tagging for organizing your list of profiles

· Added ability to choose which columns to display for duplicate matching

· Added ability to Go Faster during long imports

· Improved address processing to allow more control over how addresses are handled 

You can now add tags to categorize profiles and mark profiles as inactive, enabling you to filter and view just your own profiles or even profiles related to an upcoming event.  Do you need to see more information about the records you're importing?  Go ahead and customize the columns you see when reviewing duplicate matching results.  How many times have you wished for better control over which address updates you review manually during an import?  We've enabled more nuanced control over the address settings, allowing you to view only the address changes that truly need your human judgment.

As you are using ImportOmatic to add and update constituents, how are you ensuring your list of best prospects is up to date and visible to your team?   With the optional Scoring module in ImportOmatic, you can now instantly calculate Affinity and Engagement scores based on what is important to your organization.  Take a look at the quick overview video (attached to this thread) to learn how easy it is to get started scoring, and activate your free trial today!  


We love that this update allowed us to address over two dozen ideas and requests that came directly from users in our Uservoice feedback forum!  If you haven't been there before, make sure to check out the Uservoice to add and vote on suggestions.  

Are you ready to dive in and check out these improvements?  Check out our full list of What's New in ImportOmatic.


Version, November 8, 2016


Updated message box when there is no valid IOM license.
Relabeled Feedback button, moved it nearer to other links on the IOM landing page, and redirected it to open in a web browser outside of Raiser's Edge


Fixed issue where profile sort order would reset if opening a profile prior to saving sort



Fixed issue where moving an old phone/email to an attribute caused an error
Fixed issue where existing data on constituent records was not displaying in the Duplicate Results Search Form if those fields were not mapped in the profile



Version, October 24, 2016


Updated to Microsoft .Net framework v.4.6 to ensure ongoing compatibility with Blackbaud Hosting


Fixed bug where Match to Existing Volunteer settings would not save properly



Version, October 13, 2016


Added Affinity and Engagement Scoring management module to ImportOmatic


Added ability to categorize profiles with tags in configuration list and import screen

Added ability to customize the order of your profile list by clicking and dragging profiles

Added ability to save order of profiles in configuration list and import screen


Enhanced Address Processing rules to allow three processing rules instead of two, reducing manual work during import

Default set selection for Participant Guests can now be removed

Added ability to mark a profile as 'Inactive,' disabling it without removing the profile entirely

When refreshing a profile for a connector the user's field mapping will supersede the connector's suggested mapping 

Fixed issue where users are prompted to remap their fields when adding a new profile, if no Connectors are installed.

Fixed issue where Field Map would not load completely when scrolling through a long list of fields


Enhanced Duplicate Search Results Screen to allow users to customize columns and save display settings for future imports

Added ability to access Auto-pick settings from Duplicate Search Results Screen, through new Go Faster button

Added confirmation screen at the end of import process when using auto-pick and "Skip rows requiring user interaction"

Fixed issue with incorrect address displaying in Duplicate Search Results Screen

Fixed issue where ID mismatch was allowing for duplicate search, rather than treating the row as an exception as requested in configuration

Fixed issue where attributes based on tables with short descriptions were giving errors

Fixed issue where duplicate phone numbers with different types weren't importing in RE 7.94 and higher

Fixed issue where individual and organization relationships weren't always being auto-picked based on similarity score

List Management

Fixed issue where spouse suffix data was not displaying in list view

Fixed issue where refreshing export connectors would reset all rows to "Ignore."


Click here to view the ImportOmatic user guide.